11 Winter Weather Tips

Isn’t it funny how weather is an ongoing, constant feature in the daily narrative of our lives? And we humans like to comment on it and notice it to each other? I love how it changes throughout the course of every year, yet I tend to look up and think, “Huh, that’s weird, it’s different.”

Hey there friends, Emma here! I wanted to share some of my tips for winter, also some highs and lows and how I have been doing. When I started telling my friends and family that I wanted to move here a lot of people were concerned about how I would cope with the cold weather. It’s not that I’m a complete wuss (although, let’s be real, partially). I have physical and health issues that make dealing with the cold a little tricky (lots of extra pain). Their concern was definitely understandable. However, I’m happy to report that I’ve been holding up really well!

Here are some of the things that I have found really help me with dealing with the cold:

  1. Drink a ton of tea. Troughs of it. I have been loving a “Shut-eye” tea of chamomile, milk, and honey. Or this amazing LOVE tea from Whittard, a gift from my Auntie: 21390
  2. Carry a hot water bottle everywhere.
  3. Dance like no one is freezing. (Moving helps to warm you up a lot more than laying in a fetal position and imagining tropical islands- I have learned from experience).
  4. Layer like a wedding cake from 1998. I like to add a layer of clothing for every ten degrees below 50. 40 degrees? Sweater before coat. 30 degrees? Thermal shirt, then general layer, then sweater/hoodie, then coat. 20 degrees? Add a vest and thermal leggings. 10 degrees? Add a layer of brick, mortar, wood, and drywall and just stay in your house.
  5. KEEP YOUR CORE WARM. Obviously hands, feet, and head should also be warmed, but in my recent experiences here in the Windy Winter City, if my core is kept snug I can just about manage.
  6. Keep a waterproof bag inside of your regular purse/satchel/etc. This way if the snow or rain starts dumping on you, you have a way of protecting whatever you’re carrying around with you. Or in some desperate cases, you can throw it over your head while you wait for the bus.
  7. I know keeping little handwarmers in your pockets can be very helpful, but I haven’t made this a habit yet.
  8. Strategize your outings. If you need to leave the house, try to manage your errands around when you have to be out of the house and leave 30 minutes early or come home 30 minutes after an event. This way you can avoid foraying into the tundra more than necessary.
  9. Always ALWAYS look at the “Feels like” temperature reader as well as the actual temperature. This has saved my butt more times than I can remember.
  10. Find ways to have fun! This one is pretty generic, but I have been realizing how easy it was for me to dread the winter and build it up in my mind as this dreadful enemy I needed to defend myself from. I’ve been surprised how many activities have brought me joy and made me appreciate this season, instead of always hating the cold and wishing it was warmer.
  11. Help those who have less. I feel like this goes hand in hand with appreciating the cold. Trying to help those who do not have a roof over their heads is an amazing way to have an impact while also counting my blessings. Click here to check out Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, in case you are interested in learning more or giving to support those without a home this winter.

What are some of your tips for staying warm and surviving the cold? I’d love to hear them! Thanks for reading!

xx Emma